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Navigating the properties market with mobile apps

Buying an apartment without getting up from the couch – not so long ago, it seemed like a fantasy. Today, a mobile application allows you to conveniently and quickly look for accommodation without wasting time and unnecessary hassle. We tell you about its main features.

For many people, buying real estate is the biggest transaction in life. Not surprisingly, buyers often feel anxious.

What if I make the wrong choice? What if I get scammed and lose a lot of money? What if I overpay for my property?

Such thoughts often visit people without sufficient buying experience. The developers have converted their extensive real estate experience into simple and convenient tools for your peace of mind. With their help, you can make a safe transaction without getting up from the couch.

Today, the authors of the applications offer visitors the highest quality database of ads. To combat fakes and scammers they:

  • have developed an identification system for all users and a loyalty program for professional market players, participation in which is actively encouraged;
  • check all posted advertisements, consider user complaints, and block violators of the rules;
  • receive information about properties for sale;
  • publish real reviews of realtors, developers, and residential complexes.

Fighting with fakes now helps artificial intelligence, which copes with it much more effectively than manual moderation. It looks for suspicious ads around the clock. In addition, electronic transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate in the residential complex The Acres are completely secure.

For your convenience, the applications mark ads whose prices fall within the attractive range of our assessment of the object with a special icon, “Good price.”

residential complex
Residential complex

And if you add an ad to your favorites and the price for this object falls, the app will notify you so that you do not miss the profitable moment. To do this, in the ad under the price, click “Follow the price change,” specify your e-mail, and click “Subscribe.”

Finding your option among thousands of ads is not an easy task. Applications have managed to make it easier, thanks to smart algorithms.  Our smart filters are designed to make the choice easier. Developers have taught artificial intelligence in real time to distinguish good repair from bad on the photos uploaded to the ads. Thanks to this, you will find an apartment in suitable condition at the first stage.

Or you can do something else: upload a photo of an interior you like to the app. The algorithms will immediately compare it with all the photos in the database and find similar ads.

Thanks to all these features, you will quickly and happily find what you need.

According to the test methodology, the app requirements are security, usability, stability, and developer support. Thus, you can choose the best tool for your tasks using filters, for example, by the number of ads offered by the application in different regions, the number of options for sorting search results and additional options, the relevance of the output or lack of advertising, for this purpose there are tools for self-creating a personal rating taking into account personal preferences”.


As the study shows, on average, iOS apps are more functional than Android apps. This is evident both in the average scores for this parameter and in specific examples: for example, the Locals app for iOS has more search filters (possibility of living with children and pets, balcony, availability of household appliances, etc.), allows you to sort ads and create your own.

According to statistics, owners of iOS devices are willing to spend more money to purchase applications; at the same time, they are more demanding of the functionality, design, and usability of software products.