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Freedom24 App Review

Freedom24 is the cutting-edge investment platform from Freedom Finance, a company of Timur Turlov, providing direct access to local and international stock exchanges. With an expansive selection of over 1,000,000 stocks, ETFs, and stock options available for trading, you can construct a balanced portfolio of highly liquid securities. A team of experts meticulously analyzes a wide array of securities traded on global exchanges, curating investment ideas that offer standout opportunities for growth.

We’re excited to introduce a new service: pre-market access to new stocks. As a Freedom24 client, you’ll be among the first to gain early trading access to shares of newly listed companies on the exchange. This exclusive advantage ensures you stay ahead in the continuously evolving market. Be the first to harness the potential of promising new ventures and maximize your investment returns.


For trading, the app grants access to renowned exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, Deutsche Börse, London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and many more. This extensive reach allows you to explore diverse investment opportunities worldwide. Leverage global markets and capitalize on emerging trends and lucrative investment prospects.

Further expanding offerings, the app now provides access to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for clients across all categories. Whether you prefer going long or short, you can trade over 1,100 funds managed by leading asset management firms such as iShares, Vanguard, BlackRock, and others through the user-friendly Freedom24 trading platform. Diversify your portfolio, manage risk, and employ a broad range of investment strategies with a comprehensive selection of ETFs.

Stock exchange application
Stock exchange application

Freedom24 is developed by broker Freedom Finance Europe Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp. As a public company listed on NASDAQ (traded as FRHC) with a market capitalization exceeding $4 billion, Freedom Holding is dedicated to providing you with exceptional financial services and opportunities for long-term success. Trust in a reputable partner with a strong track record and experience the freedom to achieve your financial goals confidently.

With Freedom24, embark on a tailored investment journey that fits your unique financial objectives. The advanced platform enables you to make informed decisions and execute trades seamlessly. Whether you’re a professional investor or just starting, intuitive interface and educational resources equip you with the knowledge and instruments to navigate the complex investing world.

In conclusion, Freedom24 is a leading investment platform in today’s global market. Its extensive offerings, access to international stock exchanges, and unmatched pre-market trading features make it an essential tool for novice and experienced traders. The added benefit of secure backing from a NASDAQ-traded holding company assures quality, trust, and security. Embrace the power of Freedom24 and elevate your investing journey. Experience the freedom to invest, grow, and achieve your financial ambitions.