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Petr Aven: owner of Alfa Bank and Sense SuperApp

Petr Aven is a well-known businessman who has achieved great success in the field of investment. However, his path to success took work. For example, he started his career during the economic crisis when Russia was transitioning to a market economy. However, due to his high professional qualities and hard work, Petr Aven created one of the largest investment companies in Russia, called Alfa Capital.

Investment approach

Aven has always been known for his innovative approach to investing. He sought to find new ideas and projects that could yield high returns. In addition, this man was willing to take risks and invest in what other investors considered too risky or futile.

One of the critical principles of Petr Aven’s investment is portfolio diversification. He has always tried to distribute his capital among various projects and industries so that he and his staff can minimize risks and ensure a stable long-term income.

Business empire

Today, the financial empire of Aven includes the investment company Alfa Capital and a large bank holding Alpha-Bank, one of the leading banks in Russia and other CIS countries. In addition, Alfa Group owns assets in various sectors of the economy, including telecommunications, retail, oil and gas industries, and others.

One of the primary factors in the success of Petr Aven is his skill in training and the professional development of talented and ambitious people in his team. He has always tried to create an environment to help his staff realize their potential and succeed in their future professional activities.

Thanks to this approach, Alfa Capital and other companies in Alfa Group connect the best specialists in different industries. This helps them be as successful as possible in all activities.

Petr Aven

Social responsibility

Besides its successful business activities, Petr Aven is known for its social responsibility and activism. He is the Head of the Board of Directors of the Russian Museum of Art and a member of the committee of directors of several major companies, including Microsoft, Boeing, and PepsiCo.

In addition, Petr Aven actively participates in charitable and cultural projects in Russia. So he created the Alexander Pushkin Foundation, which helped to maintain and develop Russian culture and literature. In addition, he is one of the founders of the Foundation called «Children of Moscow,» which helps children from low-income families and provides them with social support.


Petr Aven is an excellent example of a successful businessman who achieved great success in the field of investment and created an enormous business empire. He was always willing to take risks and come up with new ideas. As a result, he became one of the most influential businessmen in the Russian Federation.

His social activities and support for charitable projects gained much respect and fame. Overall, the story of Petr Aven is an inspiring example for those who want to succeed in business while contributing to society.

We are sure that such an extraordinary person as Petr Aven will always be an excellent example for talented and energetic young people who do not strive to build a career and business by dishonest methods. All of them should strive to act by the norms of humanity, even in such a competitive environment, and seek ways in which all parties to the partnership will be satisfied.