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Mixers: applications for anonymous transactions in the BTC network

Any advertisement for cryptocurrencies is stories about the benefits, among which are the small transaction costs and the speed and anonymity of transfers. However, anonymity is only sometimes ideal. We advise you to learn everything you need to know about this before trouble starts with your privacy.

Moreover, you can understand that mixer platforms like are essential in the issue of security, as well as other popular mixer applications.

The anonymity of BTC transactions

So, inside the blockchain, BTC transactions are anonymous. There are no problems at all. However, let’s say you got some Bitcoins in your e-wallet. You will surely want to spend them in the real world, in which BTC is an unacceptable currency. Anyway, this is how it is yet. So you need to translate BTC into regular money, such as dollars, euros, or rubles. But anonymity is lost at this point.

For example, the user received a BTC on the crypto exchanger wallet. There, they have a verified account with their name, first name, and even place of residence. You can imagine what would happen if that information got into the wrong hands. The fact is that crypto exchanges often become targets of hacker attacks that can steal such data.

Not to mention that some of the various payment systems, exchangers, and other financial institutions may specifically sell databases if someone pays them a lot. We invite you to recall the Binance scandal when it was discovered that the crypto exchanger was cooperating with the FSB.

No one can guarantee that intelligence agencies have not obtained personal information about those users who keep large amounts of money in their crypto wallets or make large transactions through their electronic wallets. Anyway, give me a little summary.

If a user buys or cashes a crypt, they are highly likely to reveal its identity. So you won’t have any trouble tying this to your crypto wallets so you can figure out how much money you have.


Increasing anonymity through applications mixers

There is such an issue, so the best IT professionals have focused on finding a solution. As a result, developers have created so-called mixers, which can work in the format of a website or mobile application. Their name perfectly reflects the basic principle of their work, which is that you can mix tools and send them to a particular user afterward.

Outsiders cannot quickly track who and where the money went when using such a mixer. This is due to the principle of platform operation, which stops blockchain and excludes the ability to track the entire chain and identify the sender and recipient of Bitcoins. When using such applications or sites, should consider the following:

  1. The use of a mixer allows you not to worry that intruders will seize your privacy.
  2. Such platforms do not save any logs, and the order data is deleted instantly.
  3. Mixing takes place instantly, meaning you will not experience any delays in the transaction process. However, users themselves may ask for a delay at an additional cost, as the timing of the transaction further complicates the tracking process.
  4. You will have to pay for the use of Bitcoin mixers. But, the commission is relatively small, usually. But, the benefits of using such platforms are apparent.
  5. We advise using the TOR browser for maximum anonymity so no one can track your transactions.

Following basic security rules and using Bitcoin mixers will help you enjoy fast, inexpensive, anonymous transfers within the BTC blockchain network and not worry about anything.