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Why are RPGs on mobile devices good?

We live in a world where only some have enough time to play PC games. But of course, every one of us wants to relax sometimes, and this is where mobile games come to the rescue. Of course, their existence is nothing new, but what about RPGs for smartphones and tablets?

We’ve seen more and more of them appear on the market lately, so it’s worth looking into their main advantages and why you may prefer an RPG for smartphones to an RPG for PC. By the way, you can find a lot of different information about RPG games on the internet.


RPGs in almost all subgenres are released on smartphones – from classic titles such as Knights of the Old Republic to various strategies and immersive sims. The current selection of games is so great that you’ll have no problem finding something suitable.

Most of the games are free (or at least very cheap)

Of course, the main goal of most developers is to earn as much money as achievable, but high competition forces them to do tricks and release games that are first addictive and only then begin to ask for payment for in-game services. The most popular RPGs for smartphones and tablets are free but with a few caveats.

You will, for example, be offered to buy some cosmetic item that does not affect your passing. But even if a particular RPG on Android or iOS isn’t free, it will likely cost many times less than its PC counterpart. “But why is that?” – you ask.

It’s pretty simple: the cost of a digital copy on the smartphone is usually close to zero (because the title is already ready, and all that is needed from the developers is to port it intelligently), and it’s more profitable for manufacturers to sell a one-dollar game to a million people than to put a price tag of $20-30 on it, and only a few thousand people will buy it.


Awakening of nostalgic feelings

Computer games originated decades ago, and some classic RPG projects still tend to be re-released on different platforms. You do not need to buy an old game console to remember your youth – install an emulator or download a particular version of the game for mobile devices.

A great way to pass the time

If you have a long way on public transport or need to stand an hour-long queue, you will want to kill time somehow. Taking a conditional laptop with you is not the most sensible idea, which is why an excellent solution is an RPG on the phone.

Possibility of playing with your friends

The most important thing about RPGs on mobile devices is that many of them provide the opportunity to play in multiplayer mode. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all projects, but if you remember how much fun Divinity: Original Sin or any other good modern coop RPG was with your friends, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Playing an RPG on your phone with your friends while you’re away from home is a valuable and highly entertaining experience.

Augmented reality

Some RPG games on smartphones have augmented reality. And this, of course, is another huge advantage. When playing such role-playing projects, you will want to believe that everything is happening in fact.

To summarize, the mobile gaming industry is not standing still – it continues to evolve and offers all the same benefits that PC games have long had. So why not move to something more mobile and remote to stay with the source of fun all the time?